Membership at The Fitness Center

Full Membership

Our full membership provides you with unlimited attendance to The Fitness Center's facilities and classes. Instructors are available at no additional fee to meet with you and design an exercise program based on your personal goals and needs—whether it's improving your overall health and fitness, losing weight, or stepping up your athletic skills.

Membership is available to those 18 years and older who meet the The Fitness Center's medical screening guidelines.The monthly membership fee includes these special features:

  • A one-on-one orientation
  • Unlimited use of pool, gym, therapy spa and steam room facilities
  • Classes such as Water Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, PowerUp/Kinesis, Zumba, and more
  • Swimming and water walking
  • Wide range of exercise equipment including treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers, rowers, weight machines and free weights

What are the fees for the Full Membership?

 Enrollment Fee: $75.00 per person


Monthly Dues:

Individual membership $46.50 + tax** a month/person  (Goldencare Member rate: $41.50 + tax)

Additional household/family members $31.50 + tax** a month

 *Ask us about our periodic new member specials.

**A portion of the dues are subject to Washington state sales tax.

Therapeutic Membership Options (Separate Membership)

Therapeutic membership programs are for people with medical conditions who would benefit from low- to moderate-intensity exercise under the supervision of an instructor. Therapeutic programs include:

 Prenatal Water Exercise—Specifically designed for the expectant mother, this class includes moderate level aerobics, muscle conditioning and gentle stretching.  Benefits include increased energy level, improved circulation and respiration, managing excess weight gain, lessening lower back pain, faster recovery from labor and meeting and intereacting with other expectant mothers.

  Stress-Free Water Exercise—This low-level water exercise class is designed for people with orthopedic conditions associated with chronic pain, and for those who need help beginning an exercise program. The class focuses on gentle cardiovascular fitness, strength and range of motion.

Fees for Therapeutic Memberships:

Enrollment Fee:  $75  (No enrollment fee for Prenatal water exercise class)

Monthly Dues:  $45

(Therapeutic Members may add the full membership on to their therapeutic membership for an additional $21.50 + tax per month.)

Other Services

Massage Therapy—Licensed massage therapists are available daily for appointments for an additional fee. A variety of massage techniques are offered.