Occupational Therapy for Children


 Our expert occupational therapists evaluate and treat children with conditions related to general development, sensorimotor skills, play, feeding and daily living skills to enhance each child's capabilities.  The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) provides a helpful document that explains the role of occupational therapy with children and youth.

Play is a Child's Work!

Play is the work of childhood, and toys are the tools of the occupation of play!  Click here for a wealth of great tips on choosing toys for the children in your life!

Tips for Choosing Toys

  Self Care for Kids!  

Learning how to take care of yourself is part of growing up!  Occupational therapists can help kids learn how to dress, bathe, use the bathroom, brush teeth, and all other daily living tasks!  Click here for additional resources!

     Toilet Training Tips

 Sleep Tips for Kids of all Ages

Promote Successful Handwriting and Keyboarding Skills with this Useful Instruction Standards Guide

Handwriting and keyboarding are both skills students need to master to produce effective written work.  These two skills work together in the classroom to create an engaged, balanced, and successful learning environment.  View the document, Handwriting and Keyboarding Skills:  Standards for the Production & Presentation of Writing to help guide instruction to make sure that children are learning to write and type in a developmental order that promotes success.