Since this diagnosis and proper treatment, Jimmy has thankfully been a normal, healthy baby!

“My nine-month old baby boy, Jimmy, was born at your hospital. We had a wonderful experience, all the nursing staff was so kind and competent. I recommend the Birth Center to everyone I talk to.

“However my sweet little Jimmy has been sick practically since birth. As a five-week old, he contracted RSV and has…had it at least five times. Our pediatrician decided that enough was enough and he ordered several tests for him to get to the bottom of things… (Amy, a Children’s Therapy speech pathologist) performed the swallow study with Dr. Lund. They were a great team, by the way. Amy was able to pinpoint the problem immediately, dysphagia. Since this diagnosis and proper treatment, Jimmy has thankfully been a normal, healthy baby!...

“Thank you for being such a safe and compassionate hospital and environment where I know I can bring my family to whatever health treatments we may receive.” / HS


NICU Follow Up Care at Children’s Therapy Creates a Life of Possibilities for Ray

Raymond was born a micro-preemie at Valley’s Birth Center. Only 1 lb., 11 oz. and 13” long—not even the length of a legal-sized sheet of paper his mother used in her work in a law office. Ray was fragile—heart valve issues, breathing problems, feeding issues.

After 102 days in Valley’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, his parents brought little Ray home. For more than 2.5 years, Valley Medical Center continued to play a crucial role in Ray’s NICU follow up care through Children’s Therapy. Ray’s therapist, Irene Bryant, PT, DPT, has seen him weekly, then twice a month and then just once a month, involving the family in Ray’s therapeutic care. “We’ve worked with Ray since he was just a baby to help him reach developmental goals, those physical milestones that are often delayed in children who were preemies,” says Bryant. “Most recently we’ve been concentrating on his motor skills, strength and balance. He is just a delightful little boy and I’m so proud of his progress. Ray met all of his therapy goals in February 2011 and no longer needs treatment.”

“Ray has received wonderful care at every step,” says his mother. “He is all boy. He loves cars and trucks and is a healthy, active, seriously normal, nearly three-year old boy with no ill effects from his premature birth. The doctors are amazed that Ray was a preemie and I say it’s all because of Valley.” / MS